Thursday, October 20, 2011

So, I got all sorts of gung-ho about writing this thing and completely dropped the ball. I have no real excuses although I'm sure that I can make up about at least 100. I've been busy. Busy obsessing over what is at my bird-feeder, reading, convincing surly possums on my doorstep to let me in the house at midnight and taking my cat for her shots. I also have a very bad stomach from antibiotics and children with a severe addiction to plastic. On and up note, I got to finish reading the book that I am reading with my friend Joanna, celebrated sort-of my ninth wedding anniversary and I got to see the movie "Drive" last night with one of my clients. Ryan Gosling is so fucking hot I can't even look at him for more than a few seconds at a time. Even with a cheesy satin jacket on. Also, "Walking Dead" is back on, which means that my Sunday night zombie nightmares have also resumed. But now I have to go and clean and finish all the other things I have been procrastinating about. Hello? Anyone? Anyone reading this? (sounds of crickets)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In the beginning

Once upon a time there was this neat site called Myspace. I used to write on it alot, and my friends thought I was really funny. Then this site called Facebook came along and Myspace fizzled out for me.
With the exception of writing witty little comments on Facebook and brief accounts of my days in a journal, I stopped writing. I did other things. I wanted to write and I have this little pipe dream of someday writing for a living when I become a big girl (or just not so lazy and procrastinating). I then read in the paper that in order to become a writer nowadays, one must do things like write on twitter and have a blog. This is it.