Sunday, July 15, 2012

Frozen Peas and Funny Books

I worked 16 hours yesterday. Two things happened frequently during those 16 hours. First, I got a lot of work calls. Second, I ran from heat to air conditioning over and over while running errands for work. The results of my running about with a cell phone tucked between my shoulder and cheek, in the heat and cold, was pain and nausea.

The last several hours of my shift I was pretty useless, which is semi-Ok because everyone at the house I was working at was sleeping, so I could sit there, with a bag of frozen vegetables draped over me to ease my neck pain and cool me down. I was reminded that men stick bags of frozen peas on their crotch after having a vasectomy, but that's irrelevant, except for the fact that I probably looked and felt as hang dog as a guy who just had a vasectomy. I should also add, that I didn't have peas, but a bag of frozen mixed vegetables and that worked just as well.

I am reading this excellent, funny book called, "Lets Pretend This Never Happens" by Jenny Lawton. I read about 200 pages in a very short time and laughed so hard at points that I began to sob uncontrollably. It didn't help my neck or my nausea.

I knew it was going to be good as soon I read the part about the argument between Jenny and her husband on vomiting in a bowl vs.a trash can. I plan on adding it to my small arsenal of really funny books that I use in place of anti-depressants.

You should pick it up if you need a laugh. It's totally worth the 20 bucks. You should also consider using frozen peas instead of an ice pack. Works SO much better.

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