Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow Czar

I meant to write this yesterday but I got caught up with packing for a trip, cooking and shoveling 
oh my God the shoveling. We have so much area to shovel and yet no snow blower. 
But there is no place to put one. 
If one would invent a snowblower that folded neatly to shovel size, that would do the trick.
 Sadly, nobody has gotten around to inventing it. 
Snow removal is an obsession for B.
He has a precise, sometimes, exhausting, system for how to do it, where to put it and how much should be removed, in order to minimize the development of ice.
It can be equally argued as the work of a genius or a madman.
Usually it's just around this time of year though that he throws in the shovel and says, "Fuck it." because  there is too much snow and nowhere to put it anymore.
Despite this, I still think there's no better candidate. Somebody really needs to appoint that man to be the Snow Removal Czar of  Southern New England.
Consider this my public nomination.
Here is a funny thing. 
We are in NJ on vacation. 4-6 inches are expected tomorrow.
And so it goes on and on. 

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