Friday, November 22, 2013

A Wild Friday Night

I just looked and saw that  I have not posted since the first of this month.


I'm busy with life things and also participating in NaNoWriMo. Did I mention that?


I am actually on here stalling instead of writing what I am supposed to be writing.

I need to get off my ass, today is a short day at the kids school. Tonight, I get to bring the kids back to school for "Family Movie Night"

Because we want decent seating, we have to go and watch the first movie as well as the second.

They are playing Disney's "Planes" at 5, followed by "Monsters University" at 7.

I'm Ok with "Monster's University" I saw "Monster's Inc." and it was Ok, not bad.

But "Planes".

 God help me.

I can honestly say without shame or hesitation, that I would prefer to sit quietly and watch a chimpanzee masturbate for two hours than sit through that fucking movie.

And yet, off I will go, to get that good seating.

The things I do for those damn children.

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  1. I made home-made pretzels for these people the other day. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US???