Friday, November 01, 2013

October Re-Cap

I cab't say that I am really glad that October is finally over, but I kind of am.

I got it all done.

We went o Salem at the beginning of the month. Salem is where we learned, thanks to the government shutting down, that a Port O John can be a free, instant mood lifter for any group of children you may be traveling with.

The public restroom were closed in the visitors center, but the city of Salem kindly provided these San O Cans.

We had the kids take a peek in there and it was uphill for the rest of the time

I wish I had captured the screams of disgust and laughter but this will have to do.

We visited Burial Point and did part of a cemetery tour that I had in a book of historic burial grounds..

The kids got bored quick. A cemetery is no Port O John after all..

Cute Little Buggers...

I managed to pick apples and pumpkins earlier this week. I also was able to take a few shot of one of my favorite places to look at in the Fall. 

Lucky for me it's right down the street from my house.

I love the way the light turns red because of the leaves.

On Halloween day, I let the kids play hooky from school. We went out to the bookstore and went to the coffee shop for treats. 

After that, in true "Mommy sweatshop" style, I chained myself to the table and finished sewing costumes and then carved 6 pumpkins. 

We had fun, but the kids were so amped up on holiday anticipation and candy, that they would not stop talking in loud outside voices all day. 

I am considering the idea of making absolute sure that I am finished with all Halloween pumpkin and costume tasks BEFORE the big day. Then I can spend Halloween day in quiet meditation so I may build my strength up for the evenings activities. 

Right around 4, it started to drizzle. The kids began to worry that they couldn't go Trick Or Treating.

I told them to have some faith. Halloween Magic would come through for us. 

Evidently it did!

I felt so elegant when my MuMu flowed in the breeze..

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