Monday, January 09, 2012

Every year for the last few, once on Myspace and I think a few times on Facebook, I have posted the books I read for that year. I keep track of them in the back of my journal. Rather maticulously, with the dates I read them as well. I started doing this was in response to some Apple CEO saying that nobody reads anymore, when asked about whether or not Apple was going to come out with a competitor to the new Kindle. The article also gave some ridiculously low number for the amount of books that the average American reads in a year. I was a little insenced because I am a voracious reader and if I could find a way to make money just reading, I would definitely do so. I think that I read about 52-53 books that year. I like to think that when I read a book it's like a little personal "Fuck you" to Steve Jobs, but not really, because he's dead now and I am not even sure if he was the one to make that crappy statement.
I was actually considering the purchase of some kind of Nook or Kindle this year. I thought it was definitely about time. But then something happened that made me change my mind.
I got a Barnes and Noble card from my brother for Christmas. With that I bought a copy of my 2 favorite books that I read this past year. The same day that said boks were delivered I also got a stack of books that I had on order from my neighborhood library. I stacked them up and held them, feeling the weight in my hands of all of those words, just waiting to be read. I thought of the enjoyment I got from waiting for all of those books to come in. In this age of instant gratification at the touch of a button, I decided that I was not ready to give up the magic of waiting a bit for a book that I'd really like to read, the magic of looking at and holding the book in your hands that hasn't been opened yet. For me that experience is like a child on christmas Eve waiting for Santa.
I decided to buy used beekeeping equipment instead.
Here is my list of books read for 2011. I include instructional books and Graphic Novels. I'll post tomorrow about my 2 favorite books for 2011.
-The Happiness Project
-The Gates-by John Connolly
-The Big Book of War (Jack of Tales graphic novel)
-Johannes Cabal Necromancer-by Jonathan H Howard
-Robbing The Bees
-Making Toast
-The Dirty Life-by Kristen Kimball
-A Discovery Of Witches
-A Reliable Wife
-Wisconsin Death trip
-Shit My Dad Says
-The Nanny Diaries
-The Radley's
-Pretty Monsters
-Magic For Beginners
-The Land of Painted Caves
-The Nazi Officer's Wife
-Jane Eyre
-The Wide Sargasso Sea
-Rose Red-a Fables graphic novel
-Witches-a Fables graphic novel
-Fab Four-a Fables graphic novel
-The Reapers Are the Angels
-Writing Down the Bones
-The Lost Gate
-Games of Thrones
-Her Fearful Symmetry
-The Book of Lost Things-(**Favorite from 2010)
-A Monster Calls
-The Knife of Never Letting Go
-Pretty monsters(again)
-The Walking Dead-Rise of the Governor
-Swan Song
-The Ask and the Answer

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