Tuesday, October 23, 2012

F@*king NED

I promised to write a post a few days back about getting braces, the brain I share with my husband and the high cost of church going. This is not that post.

It has been crazy around here and I am suffocating at the moment under a mountainous pile of little things that need to get done, in addition to a lot of big things. I am trying not to get overwhelmed.

So one of my little things is going around the house and getting rid of stuff that has accumulated over the years. I dream of big empty spaces all over my house. In the meantime, the shit is piling up.

A few days back, I threw a NED yo-yo in the Salvation Army bag. The NED yo-yo is an overpriced yo-yo that is periodically sold at my children's school. It is supposed to foster self-esteem or prevent bullying through the art of yo-yo-ing or some crap like that. The damn things are expensive. Seeing as how the kids bought their NED yo-yo's 2 years back and never touched them again, I felt very safe in my decision to throw that yo-yo in the bag.

I think it was the very next day I pulled a NED advertisement for the fucking yo-yos out of G's book bag.

Just today my son came running up to me begging for a NED yo-yo. He was so angry that I said no he stepped on my foot.

Ironic. As ironic as the time I invited my friend out to coffee at a particular coffee shop for the sole purpose of avoiding a certain person, only to look up while sitting there to see that person smiling at me. But I suspect I told that story.

I think I have always struggled with the true, correct definition of irony. I blame Alanis Morrisette. But situations like this silly one make me really feel the meaning.

On a side note, It was G's stupid yo-yo that I got rid of. She had been keeping V's safe in her dresser for the past 2 years. So V got his yo-yo. Because G was so nice to keep V's yo-yo safe, she and I are splitting the cost of a new yo-yo, which she will bring into my cluttered house to add to the pile of untouched crap after a week I'm sure.

Thanks a fucking lot, NED

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