Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I think that next year I'm going to use the months of July and August to prepare for September. September is fucking crazy for me. We even threw in a road trip to boot. So now it's October. What I should be doing right now is working on my story so that that it will be done in time to start a new one for NaNoWriMo. I should be filling up the honey jars that just came in the mail or I should be down at the beehive taking out the drone comb and putting on the mouse guard for the Winter. Nope, I'm here. procrastinating again. I procrastinate writing blog posts as well so I feel like I am accomplishing a little something at least. Here are some pictures of what's been going on lately.
We took a road trip to Chicago. All 5 of us. I am not in jail for infanticide. I know! Amazing! It was actually an excellent time and I can't wait for our next trip

Here is V at the very scenic NJ spot

We went to yet another f-ing zoo and fed the stingrays, which was my favorite

We discovered a Dalek in the window somewhere in the North End of Chicago.

The clouds in the mountains were beautiful, but I was scared shitless

I hate heights. Especially when B drives up and down mountain roads like a maniac and the kids are in back gleefully yelling, "ROLLER COASTER!"

Here are a few random images:

I like the sign and the kids like posing with their stuffed animals for every damn picture.

I just liked this sign too.

And I finally harvested honey for the first time. 15 months of waiting finally paid off. I got just over 2 gallons. Here are some pictures of that:

The harvest itself went very smoothly thanks to Jessica. I put on a contraption called a bee escape and the next day I just took off the honey super and ran


A visitor hoping for a handout. I smeared a little honey on the screen for her.

OK-I have run out of steam. I need to bottle honey, fold laundry, and brush my teeth. Come back and hopefully tomorrow when I'll talk about my new braces, the brain that I share with my husband and how the church he makes me go to is putting us in the poor house!

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