Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I was standing in line at my local Petco the other day. I noticed that the woman in front of me was wearing an eye patch. Not a large bulky piece of gauze, but a full on black fabric eye patch. I was overcome with an urge to start saying "Arrrrr!" and "Ahoy matey!" and all that other cliche pirate crap. I had to hold back giggles. It made me realize 2 things. 1: If I ever get stuck with wearing a black eyepatch for any duration, it would not offend me if strangers used pirate talk around me. 2: I would be greatly disappointed if this did not happen. I realize that it would get old quick, but in the fantasy world where I dwell while I'm stuck in long lines, this never happens. It is always funny there.
It's Thanksgiving.
I am thankful for my family, who are all pretty awesome, having a semi-decent job that I sometimes enjoy, my own home, amazingly good friends .
I am thankful that Thanksgiving does not involve making costumes or buying gifts.
I am thankful that my friend Kevin did not get eaten by a lion or killed by a crazy fundamentalist while in the wilds of the dark continent. I am thankful he did not die from a superbug he caught from using the primitive toilets in India. I am very relieved he made it back to this side of the world.
I am thankful for the psychic connection that my husband and I share. My favorite example of this is from a Thanksgiving a few years back. We were in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner. I was at the sink and Brian was at the stove scraping leftover mashed turnip and carrot into a bowl. He commented on how he liked the turnips with carrot, but his mother makes them with only the turnips and butter. I made some sort of benign comment to him, but in my head I called him a fucking Momma's boy. From behind me I heard, "Oh you bitch!" I turned around in shock. Brian told me that he knew exactly what I was thinking. We still laugh about it.
I hope everyone has as much to be thankful about as I do.

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