Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jesus f**k!

I've been sick for almost a month and am now just starting to feel normal again. I also survived a particularly nasty bout of depression, but that is for another time. Despite being sick, I was excited to start writing again on a regular basis and then something happened that completely threw me off. I had to friend my mother-in law on Facebook. In my head this opened up an enormous can of worms. I worried about her seeing the "other" side to me. I found a solution to the dilemma in the restricted list. I put her on that and thought that would solve the problem. Until the day I went on her computer to check my Face book page and saw that she was automatically logged on. Out of curiosity, I looked at my profile to see what she could view. Everything...Even the pictures I took of the "Elf on the Shelf" she sent my kids a few Christmases back posing with a large carving knife. Shit..Feeling guilty about looking at my stuff through her profile and horrified that she could view things like my love for foul language and poking fun at Christianity made me take a breather for awhile. Then I remembered the "Jesus fuck" incident and realized that it will all be OK.
A few years back when G was a toddler and going through the parroting phase, we were down in NJ visiting. G was in the front hallway playing with her toys, very engrossed in whatever it was she was doing. I was in the parlor, directly adjacent, talking to my mother in law. Out of nowhere, clear as day G mutters, "Jesus fuck!' Both my mother in law and I stopped talking and just sat there for a few minutes in stone silence. Then she picked up where she left off and continued our conversation. I was stunned, we both knew full well where G heard that language. I had a really hard time not giggling, which I do if I am very nervous. The incident was never mentioned again. Except by yours truly, who loves to re-tell the tale to whomever will listen. But that made me realize that I could continue to say what I please. I am an adult, I usually am never too offensive and should I ever receive criticism for something I write either here or on Facebook, my reply will be to tell the person not to read it. I feel better now.
On a side note-I will add that I absolutely adore my mother in law. I really do, I'm not just saying that because she might read this.

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