Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday

This was my only Black Friday purchase

I am busy so this will be quick.
I go to church every Sunday. Yes, a Roman Catholic church. Before you start in just shut up please..
They started a new translation today on the 1st Sunday of Advent with all new responses, etc. It was a long (1 1/4 hours!) and I was prepared for my children's heads to explode. Here are the highlights:
I laughed out loud when 100+ people stumbled over the new parts of the Nicene Creed.
I guessed that 80% of those praying were praying to God that the priest would hurry up so we could all get the hell out of there. Especially the kids.
I was embarrassed by the high-pitched screech of Joy that V made when he realized that church was almost over.
I wondered briefly if it's considered sinful to quietly cuss your kid out while still chewing on communion wafer.
Shit-I hope that God isn't mad. Probably not..

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