Monday, June 04, 2012

Special Olympics Weekend

It twas Special Olympics weekend here. Lyd competes in it. She stays overnight and I have to go back and forth to the event at least 3 times between going to see her and bringing clients for work. Here are some highlights.

Lyd got a gold medal for the 25 meter walk.

Which leads to a funny story. She wanted to skip swim this week because she had to rest up for Special Olympics. My response was, "Lyd for fuck's sake, you are walking 25 meters one time and tossing a softball three feet. Get your damn suit on." Rest up my foot.

G met Mrs Rhode Island. That woman had poise I tell you! Watching her navigate a dirt road with thousand's of young disabled adults all wanting to hug her, wearing high heels and nary a hair out of place. It was impressive. Her smile never faltered.

And last of all, I present the Mighty V. When the zombies invaded Special Olympics he joined a group of other young children. They stockpiled the best shooting sticks and hijacked a random golf cart. Here you can see Von escaping on the back of the golf cart with the fair maiden he rescued, firing away at the ravenous horde.

It was a fun weekend.

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