Sunday, June 03, 2012


It ridiculous really.

I have one of those LL Bean moon beam alarm clocks. To wake you up, it flashes a gentle pulsing light. This works pretty well, except for those days when I am very tired. All that happens is suddenly, I'm completely blinded in my dreams and I stagger around not being able to see shit. It's very bizarre.

If you do not get up and turn the clock off, the gentle pulsing light is then accompanied by an very loud buzzing. That always works for me. My family however, is a whole other matter.

Those losers cannot be awakened by anything except the sound of me screaming in their ear or maybe a car bomb. Actually, Lydia gets up with her alarm because I pay her to. Like I said, ridiculous.

This morning I had to get up early to take my Dad to work and forgot to turn off the alarm. B and V were both sleeping in the bed when the alarm began to go off. Of course, I have to dash up the stairs to switch it off. It's always a somewhat contradictory scene. The chaos of the wildly buzzing and flashing alarm clock compared to the serene faces of my husband and son as they slept on in bliss. Honestly, that alarm is crazy and yet, nothing..You could probably light off a firecracker in there and get no response.

"Bastards." I muttered under my breath as I turned it off

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