Saturday, July 20, 2013


Summer is crazy.

With the heat and carting kids around in the heat, working, cleaning, doing laundry, trying to organize my goddamn house for once in the heat, walking the dog and tending the bees in the heat, trying to write and garden in the heat and last but not least, wishing this heat would break, while in the heat, I looked up and saw it's been weeks since I last posted.

I've been busy and hot.

I'm actually off for the Saturday marathon shift at work in less than an hour.

So here is all I got for the moment-

I had dreams last night of cockroaches and earwigs swarming out of a muffin that I was about to eat. The rest of the dream consisted of me, trying to kill the vermin with a wad of paper towels.

This probably stems from finding a pair of live and very frisky earwigs in my peach yesterday, and maybe the 5 flies I found in my pho the other day.

Not to mention the battle Horst and I had at 11 pm last night in my basement with a nest of tiny red ants.

Is it fucking Fall yet?


  1. I'm with ya on the bugs, but boy do I love summer! It's part of being born in August....

  2. Ugh! I'm a March baby-bring on the slush!!