Sunday, June 02, 2013

I'm Ok With The Asteroid 1

Sometimes I will see something or read something and find myself looking at the rest of humanity with disgust and disappointment.

If you were to run up to me at that moment and exclaim that an asteroid was coming right now to destroy the planet, I would nod my head and say, "Yup, that seems like a great idea."

Despite having kids and many loved ones, despite loving so many things about my life and this world, at these moments, I would be totally Ok with the asteroid.

This almost always happens when I am in Walmart.

 I read an article in National Geographic this week that made me wish for that asteroid.

It was about the trash problem on Mount Everest, of all places. 

It has become quite the thing to do, to climb Mount Everest. There are companies that will bring any asshole up to the peak, with or without experience. 

While there are many decent and serious climbers and companies that take people up, there are plenty  who are not. 

The mountain is now littered with the bodies of climbers who didn't make it, trash and piles of human excrement.

I'm assuming that due to extreme weather conditions, you can't just send a Port O John up the mountain, nor some person with a spiked stick and a bag.

You'd think that if you went through all the trouble and expense to get up the mountain, you would at least be respectful and clean up after yourself.

 But no. 

Mount Everest, also called Holy Mother by it's indigenous people, has a problem with people shitting all over it.

 I think of all the shit and trash on other smaller, less well known mountains.

Then I think of the trash blowing down my street and all over the Parkway.

Then I say, "I'm Ok with the asteroid."

A chance of a lifetime, to scale the highest peak in the world. Admire the breath taking views and vistas. Feel the accomplishment of a lifetime. Just be careful you don't step in shit.

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  1. I am also totally okay with the asteroid. But instead of Walmart, this feeling usually comes while driving behind the person who HAD to pull out in front of me only to go 15 mph.