Monday, June 03, 2013

Plan K

G asked me yesterday which I preferred; Plan A, Plan B, or Plan C.

We were driving back from the new bee spot. I was disappointed because when I arrived, I saw my host family out in the pool and from where I was parked-they looked to be having a very good time.

I didn't want to bust in and say, "Hey, I 'm about to open the beehives so watch out!' I decided to leave and come back another time.

It was poor planning on my part. Next time I will call ahead and have a specific time.

It has been an awful week. The past three weeks have been pretty awful. I know they could have been far worse-but they sucked mightily.

I am hoping that it will be ending. As they say, bad things happen in threes, so I am hoping for a better week.

Not that the week ended all that bad, in spite of not being able to go check the bees.

The weekend was good, thankfully. Exhausting, but good.

So I was sitting there with G, who was waiting for an answer.

My response was, "I always prefer Plan A, because that is my first choice. Plan B is usually fine and Plan C is usually somewhat acceptable. Unfortunately, I have been having to go with Plan K lately. Plan K usually sucks in some way."

I am thinking that I may need to start making better Plan A's, never mind B and C.

Just something that I think I will be meditating on for awhile.

And while you are out there-do a sun dance for me-I need to get into those beehives.

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  1. I'm sorry things are sucky now (I've got to review your posts as I've been a bit out of pocket). But here's to some better times ahead! I'm doing a sun dance now (it kinda looks like the Snoopy Dance, but I think it also brings about some rays...I AM a solar sign for Pete's sake).