Saturday, June 01, 2013

One More Week

One more week and I will be officially finished with end of the year kid business.

Yesterday was Special Olympics, Wednesday I have to get Lyd ready for a dance and then next weekend is all about G's ballet recital.

Then I can breathe a short sigh of relief before I am stuck with them 24-7 for 2 months.

I have much to do before I have to go to work at 8 but I wanted to share a Von-ism to make your weekend a little more cheerful.

On the way back from Special Olympics yesterday (I had to drive back and forth to URI twice in a day) V and G were talking to me about their middle school plans.

G is hopefully going to get into a gifted program at an area school. I am working on the application and keeping my fingers crossed.

If she doesn't make it, it's off to Catholic school.

V has been struggling with maintaining focus while he is in class. Suddenly a lightbulb went off above my head.

"Hey V, you know if you don't do well in school and can't get into the gifted program" (btw, V is scary smart, his only problem is that he only tries when he feels like it), "You'll have to go to Catholic school, where they make you go to Mass every day."

V's very colorful response was, "Fuck that shit!"

I began to compose a letter to Father Augustine-the head priest about V's response out loud in the car to the kids.

"Dear Father Augustine,
We informed V today that he may have to attend your school. V's response was "Fuck that shit.". We thought you would like to know first hand V's feelings about your church and attached school.

V was in the back seat yelling, "No Mom don't write the letter!"

Have I told you about what I do to him when we pass the nun that walks on our Parkway frequently? I slow the car down and make to open my window and tell him I'm going to tell the sister what he said whenever. (I've said before about his vocabulary).

Nothing like V-baiting-he gives the best reactions.

I felt victorious-no threat of taking away electronics or TV, beats the threat of daily Mass attendance.

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  1. Please V-bait more. These are gold.