Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Happy Day Dream

Good God it's been a hell of a week. I'm trying to find my stride again and it has not been easy at all.

But I am working on it.

I was driving to pick B up from work this morning, so he could use the car, when I saw an old woman out walking her tiny Yorkshire Terrier.

No bag in hand. The little thing could shit anywhere. Looked like it was going to.

A lot of people walk their small dogs on the Parkway near my house.

As I go out with Gus, I notice tiny piles of dog shit everywhere.

I think that many people who own these dogs think that their dog's shit is so small it will just go unnoticed.

No, no it does not.

I had a woman across the street who let her dog shit in my driveway all winter long.

It sucked having to shovel not just mounds of snow, but also alien dog crap.

I can pick up my dogs crap all the livelong day without batting an eyelash, but not other dog's crap.

 Just gross..Ew.

The woman stopped after I posted a sign stating that I would find out who the offender is and then call the police.

B called me a crazy sign poster, but it worked for a week or so.

The very day it came down, I was driving back from dropping the kids off, when I saw the little dog run out of my driveway and back to that lady's house.

I went there and told her that if I caught her dog there again, I would call the cops.

So after that day, I would watch her let the damn dog shit in the neighbor's front yard.

After seeing the bag-less lady with the Yorkie, I entertained myself for the rest of the ride by imagining a special place in the Afterlife for such people.

An immaculate house and yard, populated by numerous Great Danes with intestinal distress.

The head demon demands, in a rather violent and frightening way, that the place be kept spotless.

 But there is nary a paper towel or baggie to be found.

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