Friday, June 07, 2013

Private Area

I am officially on the home stretch. I survived Special Olympics. I survived the dinner dance. Now it's on to ballet mayhem.

I will be sitting outside of a ballet studio for the next 2 days, actually for 1 more day. Then there is the recital. Then done.

I have made plans for V during this time.

Tonight he goes to a friend's house to play Dragon Age-aka Dungeons and Dragons. I love how my heart sings when I write that. I love how B's heart sinks a little when it's even mentioned.

My geek genes totally kicked the ass of his athletic genes. (The ones he claims to have-he is not that sporty-but likes to watch sports)

Saturday evening he goes to sleepover at his friend N's house. N is a girl. V has already stated to me on many occasions, that he is going to marry N.

Honestly, I know it's a little early in the game, but I do hope that happens. N is lovely, as are her parents, so it totally works for me.

We were on our way to get his allergy shots last night. In the car, he was talking about what he was going to bring to N's house for the sleepover.

He mentioned that he couldn't wait to show N his private area.

After I gained control of the car, which had swerved into oncoming traffic for a moment, I said breathlessly, with a large knot in my gut,

"What do you mean by private area?"

"It's a Port O John I built in MineCraft. It where I keep my diamonds."

I was relieved that his private area wasn't his private area-but still, what a weirdo.

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