Monday, April 15, 2013

A Computer of My Own

A bathroom shared by 5 people requires bleach spray to make it more tolerable.

I have yet to find a solution to a single laptop and television used by the same 5 people.

I suppose I could spray bleach spray at them to chase them away when I think that it is my turn to use them. But I don't think that is a really viable solution.

And it's kind of mean besides.

Every time B tells people, in his smug, superior way, that we only have 1 television in the house (this is followed by the lecture about televisions in bedrooms creating a rift within families because everyone is not forced to congregate together)  I want to zap him with a taser or some other device that keeps unruly cattle in line.

How's that for a rift?

It's easy for him to say-he is flying high at the top of the television watching totem pole.

I am solidly on the bottom of this totem pole. The kids are in between.

I would also like to use that prod on him whenever someone asks me if I have seen a particular show.

No I haven't seen the fucking show. I don't get to watch TV in my house.

Except on Sunday nights. That is my TV night. B goes out with a few friends, I put the kids to bed and the TV is mine.

B's friends cancelled this week, so instead of Game of Thrones, I got to watch CNN and Fox news.

I guess I could fight harder for my time slot and I know that it is my fault.

But I did sew the top part of a quilt instead of watching Game of Thrones so there is that.

I will petition for a time slot on Tuesday night or I will just stay up late tonight after work and watch it.

Nowadays, I have to fight for the laptop as well. The kids have become addicted to Minecraft and I can barely get them off of it.

With that and B going on the computer as soon as they get off (He watches TV while using the computer) it's getting ugly.

I need my own computer with all my writing programs, maybe HBO Go and Netflix.

Of course the problem with that, which B can foresee perhaps, is that I may never leave my bedroom again.


  1. Why don't you have a million followers yet? This is GOLD! And I've watched nothing but reality programing & Doc McStuffins for years because I, too, am at the bottom. Wanna form a rebellion?

  2. Oh yes I do!! And thank you so much Marianne!