Wednesday, April 10, 2013


My update is that I have been really fucking busy. Not vice versa..Ha..

That's probably because of update #1 which was the cold sore the size of my head. You couldn't tell the difference for a little while.

The bees made it through and are doing great

G got an IPod touch so I can post pictures and videos of the bees soon. Maybe tomorrow if i don't die while doing yoga with a bad back.

What's that? #4? Yes, I pulled my back out while trying to both playfully smack V on the bum while preventing him from falling to his knees onto a lego.

I had low thyroid levels, which explains why I have felt like sluggish crap all winter. I have more hormone now and feel better.

I have sewing and planting and beekeeping and writing and lots and lots of cleanup to do in preparation for V's first communion in May AND I am cooking up a -not quite ready to talk about- project with my friend Joanna. Good God! And then summer vacation! Lord have mercy!

Speaking of God. I had 2 amusing church incidents last week that I will wrap up with for today.

On Saturday, while at church with some clients, while I was kneeling there in prayer. i was overcome by a powerful smell of spicy beef and cheese. Nobody else was close by. It was as if an invisible entity waved a Slim Jim beneath my nose. I wonder if it was indeed the Divine descending.

The next day I had to go to church with the family and I shit you not this actually happened just like I am writing it.
The priest said, "Look to your left, there is Jesus. Look to your right, there is Jesus."
I looked to my left. V grimaced and let out a barely audible fart. I looked to my right, G was picking her nose without any effort at being discreet.

I looked up and around for the candid camera and thought to myself, "Is this His idea of a joke?"

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  1. You know HE has a sense of humor, right? I think my kids would have been doing the same!