Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tired Day

Crap. I have lots of shit to do.

I woke this morning with chills and body aches. I don't know quite yet what my body has in store for me, but I am certain of this;

It is a tired day.

Today I will drop the kids off, slowly do laundry, bit by bit, and lay on the couch with the remote, the computer and some books at hand.

I usually end up sleeping for most of the day.

I hope I do not have to be strategically placed close to the bathroom or have to drag out the big green bowl.

I am keeping the coffee down so far.

I have lots of shit to do, but I kind of love tired days.

Just hoping it doesn't go into a vomit day.


  1. Oh gosh...hope you made it through & are feeling better!