Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Very Nice Email and a Very Crappy Moment

I got this email from my old english professor on Sunday. It made me cry. And slightly annoyed because now I feel obligated to go do something.

No but seriously-this is by far one of the best emails I have ever gotten, from my favorite teacher ever.

I'm retiring from the classroom after this semester, but that doesn't mean that I'm retiring as a sounding board for former students who may want someone to respond to something they wrote. If you ever want me to play that role, I hope that you will feel free to let me know and send whatever you have to me. Ditto if you need a recommendation for anything.
 In the 40+ years that I've been at CCRI, a handful of students stand out as exceptional. One is the young woman whose hand shot up in the fantasy lit course almost as soon as I had a question out of my mouth and who always gave thoughtful, well informed answers; whose insights, tests and essay in the short story course were of the highest caliber; whose writing in Comp II was excellent; whose all around work as a student was always outstanding. It was not only a gift to have you in those three classes but also a privilege that I will remember. Teachers live for students such as you. Be well, Cynthia! Best to you and your family.
P. S.  Did you get a response after submitting "Fifty Cents" to the writing contest?

It was a strange hour in which I got this email because as soon as I was done reading it, I had to run to the bee yard.

My excellent and sentimental mood was crushed by a young boy walking up the hill I was driving down with his group of friends. 

He yelled to me that his friends, who were walking behind him, were going to kill me, as I drove past. I saw him to this to several other cars as well.

I gave him a "pfffft" look and kept going. 

What I wanted to do was come to a screeching halt in the middle of the road, catch him and drag him by the ear to his parents.

The poor kids parents probably suck. My kids wouldn't think to do something so...awful.

He was all of 10 years old.

I hope it was silly shenanigans and not a foreshadowing of what's to come.

I took a long moment to sit with the bees. 


  1. Gurl.... There was this set of 2 boys around that age making fun of me in Island Park by the beach two times. The second time I losty it. After they walked past and heckled me, I left the beach where I was photographing and realized they had to be very close so 2 streets later I found them, pulled up to them and gave them so much shit and then threatened I would bring them back to their parents if they ever bullied anyone again and I saw it. I have seen them since and their mouths are sealed.

  2. What a wonderful letter. Relish that, and leave those boys to karma. Enjoy your bees!