Thursday, August 02, 2012

G is Classy

I got up-took my car to the shop and walked home. I was happy to run into one of the neighborhood woodpeckers over on the Parkway. I miss those guys. I havent seen any of them since I had to take the bird feeder down because of the great Rat In The Feeder Debacle of April 2012.

I came home, ready to write and be productive. I proceeded to sit there and go through Twitter and other silly time sucking sites.

The kids woke up with a bang, a thump and a flurry of feet running downstairs. They immediately started fighting. V called G a shithead. I am not sure why. G's response was to simultaneously wave the middle finger at V while giving him the sign (in American Sign Language) for bitch. I asked her if I could video tape her doing this because it was really funny, but she said, "No! that's private!" and stomped away angrily.

I'll try to catch her some other time.

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