Friday, August 03, 2012

Tired of Tires

I have been excited for today. I am taking the kids to the Science Museum. I will find a good room for them. Hopefully the one with jars and jars of formaldehyde and rustling dead birds and drop them off. Then I will be free!

No really of course not. They actually have been pretty great lately.

Nope I don't have much today. The only thing is I'd advise anyone who is out and about on the East Side of Providence, where they are working on the sewer lines to use caution when parallel parking on any side street with those thin above ground pipes. I slashed a tire on one of the partially hidden clamps that run every few feet.
The very nice woman who lived at the house directly in front of this evil little screw/clamp combo came out and informed me that I was the fourth person that day to slash their tire. This included the woman, whose car was over at Firestone at that moment getting a new tire.

I have spent at least $800.00 At least, on new tires this year. I must have cursed myself when I bought a new set in preparation for winter last year.

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