Sunday, August 26, 2012

On My Way

Five minutes from now, I will wake up my minions and head North.

I am very, very ready to go home. I miss L, my bees, I miss my dog and cat. I actually miss Horst a bit. I miss my whole little life up there and can't wait to get back.

I wanted to write while I was down here, but only managed 1 blog post. So much for my story, I didn't even touch it.

I have that picture of the Looney Tunes frog on my profile for a reason. I have to be alone to write and it was quite difficult in a house full of people.

That will change in 3 days, when B is at work and the kids head back to school.

I have been taking some notes of things I want to share, so I'm hoping to do some fun blog posts as well as finish my fucking story once and for all.

See you in a few!

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