Saturday, February 02, 2013

A Slight Brush

Crazy night last night.

G was out with her friend and they ended up getting hit by a car while walking back from picking up a pizza.

They had just crossed the street and some kid decided to reverse backwards into a parking spot without looking.

G and her friend got knocked over. Her friend got it worse and hit her head, but thankfully, no serious injuries. Nobody had to go to the hospital.

We didn't even know G had been hit until after the fact, as she fell over and popped back up so quickly. She didn't say anything until after the fact.

Her friend hit her head and couldn't get up at first,  I can only imagine what was going through Iz's mom's head at the time. The EMT's checked her out and said she could go home. G got a ride home from a neighbor that just happened to be there.

Poor kid. She is a bit traumatized. We had a quiet night of sitting on the couch and watching Dr Who, she barely said anything. Usually, you can't shut her up.

She was up shortly after going to bed with nightmares that she couldn't remember. She slept with us and was up every few hours.

So here  I am on a Saturday, a complete zombie. I'm exhausted from little sleep and the effort that it took to keep my mind from going to those dark places.

Those "what could have happened" places that your brain tries to take you to when a loved one or yourself has a near miss and mortality decides to give you a little nudge.

A not so gentle reminder of how fragile life can be.

I'm sure that Iz's poor Mom is having the same, if not worse struggle with those awful thoughts.

Give your kid an extra big hug today, I am so thankful for my kids, I'm gonna give them a hundred.

Stay safe and look both ways before crossing.

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  1. I'm so relieved everyone is okay. Important reminder. Holy crap that must have been scary.