Thursday, February 28, 2013

Abbot and Costello Do Hot Yoga

Today is the day. I am not sick. There are no appointments.

I got a reprieve from the gym yesterday (haven't gone in 2 weeks)

Heather called about the gym as usual and I answered saying, "Please say no."

Happily, she was calling to cancel.

But today!

Today I do Hot Yoga!

The picture of the woman on the yoga studio website doing the splits terrifies me, but I shall forge ahead into the unknown.

I promise you that this will not be me on the mat today, I won't look a thing like her.

For the obvious reason that I am no way near that flexible 

and because I haven't shaved my armpits since September

Speaking of that, I have to take a few to trim my toenails before the class. 

I have a pain in my foot. It's like my body and social anxiety is saying to me-

"Here! Here is an excuse not to go!"

But I stamp my foot on the ground and say to it, "NO! Not today foot!"

For today we do Hot Yoga!

Please pray for me between the hours of 9:30 and 11 am-Thank you!

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