Sunday, February 17, 2013


Back to this again!

I am happy that this snowstorm is minor and I do not have to be anywhere that I absolutely have to be, like work.

I also have tomorrow off, so I can enjoy the snow and not feel too anxious about the shoveling to be done today. 

My cold sore is better. It looks less like Belial and more like the girl with the cut lips in Kill Bill volume 2. I wish I had a picture but no.

I am feeling decidedly uninspired on the blog today so i am going to find something else to write. 

Later-enjoy the snow and make a snowman if you get the chance


  1. Still no snow in Chi-town. Will we ever sled again????

  2. Oh Marianne-you should look back in my blog for what they did to me last year in the month of March