Saturday, February 16, 2013

Belated Valentine's Check In

For Valentine's day this year, I got an enormous cold sore that snuck up on me. That day it was as big as my head. It looked like Belial from Basketcase, only on my face instead of my ribcage.

I got my period, which I always get on any sort of holiday.

 I got another minor scourge that left me achey and weak for the day. 

I also got a small box of chocolates, that I picked up for B to give to me. I placed the box in his sock drawer and instructed him to surprise me on Valentine's Day. 

He managed to call out half asleep from bed that morning, "Cindy, check my sock drawer!" This was followed by a weak, "Surprise!"

But it's Ok, I honestly don't mind not getting anything for Valentine's. I'm actually reaching the age when I'm just like "Eh." I'd rather go out to dinner than get something. 

B also pointed out that I would much rather have really good chocolates than a box of Whitman's from the drugstore any day. He is right.

 I was disappointed that Heth and I didn't get to act out "Abbot and Costello Do Hot Yoga" on that day, which was the original plan. It was not my social anxiety making me ill, as I still felt shitty after I cancelled. 

But I did get to lie on the couch again all day, with a thermos of hot tea and Dr Who. 

So not too bad of a day. Although my kids went to all the trouble of making cards for everyone else in the world, but not for their poor mother. 


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  1. Your period and no cards from the kids??? I'm thinking you're due for a fantastic 2014. Start using the guilt NOW.