Friday, February 08, 2013


Blizzard today. The flakes are falling and I am watching it from the window as i write this.

I'm glad that they cancelled school, this morning was more leisurely than usual and B took the car to work.

After all of the storm preparation, I was pretty pooped. It wasn't too much preparation, just switching my grocery shopping day from Friday to Thursday and getting gas, but I was tired.

I am supposed to work at 8 tomorrow, I plan on getting up very early to start the process of digging myself out and waiting for the plows to do the road. My boss has planned for people to stay at the houses until they can be relieved, so I feel much better knowing that.

It has been a horrifically crappy week for me, writing-wise. Being sick screwed things up, along with a slew of appointments.

Next week I have to crack down and work because the following week is the dreaded February vacation (cue Darth Vader music).

My family was stuck in a huge snowstorm 2 Christmases ago while visiting B's family in New Jersey. My Father in law and B laughed at me for the amount of food I went out to buy when the storm started.

I will say that they were thanking me by Tuesday afternoon, which was when the plows started digging us out. We were trapped since Sunday-here is a picture of a car parked on the street to show you just how deep the snow was and how trapped we really were.

So once Noon rolls around and B makes it home Ok, I should be all set to weather the storm. Even better when I get the word that my poor friend Kevin mades it home. He has to travel a ways to Massachusetts every day for work and they still made everyone come in.

Drive safe everyone-Take a moment to think of those people less fortunate who do not have warm houses to hunker down in, especially those people affected by Sandy all that time ago.

A special message to the parents out there like myself, who at this moment, are watching the snow pile up outside, fervently wishing that their children were more like the Mertz's children. Parents who are  wondering,  "Why on Earth did God saddle us with this bunch of a-holes to be stuck in a storm with?"

It's Ok, you're not alone. It will all be over soon.

**Fuck sticks..I got all excited because I thought that the Fed-X truck that just pulled up was delivering my new coat that I was supposed to get in the mail today. Turns out it was a vacuum cleaner that Horst ordered. Fuck**


  1. Wow! You guys really got hit! I think yours are the first pics I've seen that really reflect how much you got! Still hoping for a few inches in Chicago so we can whip out the sleds. It's been a while since we've gotten real snow (though the northern burbs have had quite a bit!). Hang in there!

    1. Thanks Marianne! It was pretty crazy and we're supposed to get more this weekend!