Thursday, February 21, 2013

Karaoke Mayhem!

So here I am on the eve of Karaoke Mayhem 2013!

In about an hour, my children will be joined by 5 others. There will be pizza and a karaoke machine.

There is a half gallon of Newport Creamery ice cream waiting.

There are also paper plates and a tiny bottle of Captain Morgan stashed in the high cupboard for after. I think I may have some Jack Daniel's too.

But I am not here to talk about my night's journey of self abuse at the hands of children and myself. I am here to talk about Horst.

He got me again.

That man shaves minutes off my lifespan in much the same way a cigarette will supposedly shave 2 minutes off each time you smoke.

I think at the rate I am going, I don't think I will last the night.

But it's Ok parents of children who are coming-I have no intentions of either dying or getting drunk until AFTER the party. Your children are in good hands.

The dog can also be helpful too. He can lick any pizza sauce or ice cream off of them, I swear I will return them home safe and squeaky clean.

Back to Horst.

First it was the package. Again. If you go back in my archives, there is a post about my frustration with sending bulky packages for him. I think it was the same time last year, shortly after my niece was born.

This year I spoke to him about not getting bulky packages to send, it will make it all better for me.

Crap-hold that thought. I will return to this later tonight or first thing in the morning. Karaoke Mayhem starts soon and I must fetch the children.

In the meantime-refresh your memory and read last years package post!

Pray for me!

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  1. There you go. Leaving us hanging. It's like a 1980's "Dallas" cliffhanger.