Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ladies Only! An Actual Product Review

The title speaks for itself-be forewarned-

Horst came up this morning as usual to bring me the Sunday paper. Often he will insist on placing the paper in my hands.

I could be doing anything. I don't know how to explain it, but having one of the first things in the morning be Horst, unable to just put a newspaper on the counter is really annoying.

This is followed by his lingering around until I strike up a conversation. He will then jump right in, talking and laughing. He has been happily awake and ready since probably 4.

In fairness to my bitchiness, I had just gotten up, it's very obvious. I have had maybe a sip from my first cup of coffee.

This mornings topic was the "They decided that there are things in coffee and green tea that protect you from cancer. They just can't make up their mind if coffee's good or bad."

I have yet to figure out exactly who "They" are.

I was actually up and in a good mood this morning. I was cheerful to Horst and even laughing a bit.

You see, he just missed me, not 5 minutes before, taking pictures of maxi pads on the kitchen table. (For Christ's sake they were clean!!! Obviously).

I was laughing because it would have been really weird to be caught doing that.

When he came up, I was attaching my camera to load the pictures up to my computer. He comes over and says, "What do you got there?" Thinking I had pictures of kids or something.

I told him I was writing and I would show him pictures of the grandkids later.

It would have been funny. "I'm putting pictures of feminine products on my blog Horst! Wanna see?"

So the other day, I called B and asked him to pick me up some maxi pads. I said simply-Kotex, not the store brand and the ones that are for overnight.

B walked in with a sleek black box and placed it in my hands. For a brief moment, I thought he had brought me a surprise birthday gift.

No, it was the pads. They were Kotex and they were labeled in fancy cursive script-  AllNighter

I said, "You have got to be fucking kidding me"

I reassured B that yes, indeed, this was exactly what I wanted. I then opened the box to investigate further.

Good God that's fancy!

Can you see that? My camera sucks, but there are designs on the goddamn pad! I didn't want to use it. It was too pretty to mess up and then throw away. 

I discovered soon after that there is a variety of designs that you uncover each time you open one up!

 What the hell is this world coming to that we have to have pretty designer sanitary napkins? Seriously?

I am utterly fascinated by these pads. I think that they are meant for young women. I will admit to some worry that they are somehow designed for the younger crowd and I was breaking some sort of taboo by using them for my aging vagina. 

Call me a yokel, but Wow!

The things they think of these days. 

They are actually kind of nice. It's a little uplifting to open a pretty colorful package and see a nice flowery design. 

I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's changed my whole period for the better for this month, but I like having a pretty thing to look at in the bathroom. 

Maybe I'll stick some to the walls for the in-between times. Or keep one to the side to look at when I feel like it. 

Call me a yokel, but they are pretty! And they work well and are comfortable. 

I guess this is a product endorsement? 

Now I have to go delete these pictures off my computer before B finds them and gives me shit for taking pictures of maxi pads.

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  1. I glanced through the pictures first and thought: Is Kotex putting CHOCOLATE in their boxes? BRILLIANT.

    Pretty feminine products make me happy. I'd leave the pics on the computer just for sh*ts and giggles.