Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sticky Notes and Suggestion Boxes

B took the kids to confession yesterday. He decided that they had to do it right before Easter because you know, that's what you have to do.

After he did that and took the kids to dinner, he picked me up so that I could take the car to work for he rest of the day.

He mentioned that Father Augustine had to tell people to move away from the confessional booths so they wouldn't hear what other people were confessing. This wasn't the first time.

B said that they should have some sort of special place to sit before confession instead of letting people sit where they want, which is right by the confessionals.

He said it gets competitive. Everyone wants to get in next. The elderly are especially vicious.

I told him that he should put that in the suggestion box at church.

He said that there wasn't a suggestion box.

I said that he should put a sticky note on the wall where there should be a suggestion box that says that a suggestion box should be out there because you have a suggestion to put in.

B said I could just call Father Augustine and make the suggestion.

"No. I like my idea better."

Back at home, B began to complain about the local frozen yoghurt place. I can't remember what it was.

I do remember my response to his complaint was to tell him to get a sticky note.

My new solution to life's problems.

Personally, I would suggest to that church that they should switch their 8:00 mass to 8:30, because I am really fucking tired right now and could've used the extra half hour.

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