Friday, March 22, 2013

They Grow Up So Fast

Before I begin, I need whomever to read this to solemnly swear that if one of their children spies the pictures below, you must say to them, 

"Why no, that it is certainly NOT V. It is the French diplomat's lovely daughter, Vonessa.

You can't tell Von I did this. I need these photos for when he is older.

 So I can blackmail him.
But I was looking the other day, at my fine, growing bigger every day, son. I thought wistfully back to those days when he went through his "other gender" phase. When he was under the influence of his older sisters and what they liked. 

This came shortly after that Blue Velvet phase. Instead of saying, "Don't look at me!" It was more like, "Get a load of this!"

His languid days of playing the guitar in the nude.

And wearing girl's panties on his head. 

Who knows what'll happen. Maybe those days will come again. Although, I am quite sure that he will never come under the direct influence of his big sisters again. He certainly has a mind of his own

I have said from the beginning that poor V has to suffer the rest of us idiots.

And here is he suffering away. My big guy who turns 8 on Monday. My baby. God where does the time go?
Happy Birthday V!!
Oh the humanity.

Remember, my safety counts on your silence. He would probably kill me in my sleep if it got out that I posted those pictures. But I couldn't resist. Poor impulse control I guess.

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