Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm up early to write for a few hours. Then I'm making the pies (pumpkin and apple crisp).

I got a small turkey this year so that will go in around 1-ish. We'll eat around 4. This year I'm going to make the usual potatoes and "Mommy" rutabagas. I think there is a back story about that somewhere on here. I'm doing creamed onions for the first time and I think I will actually make a salad as I have the ingredients.

It should also help the passage of all that cream and butter through our colons.

I love Thanksgiving. It has become my favorite holiday. A wise friend once told me that it is her favorite because it doesn't involve costumes or presents. I have adopted that thought (although I will say that Halloween has to tie with it a little if just for the way air feels and smells on that night)

I have a client that constantly asks me what I am doing for Thanksgiving. Although said person already has heard me tell them what I am doing. I know it's just an "in" for that person to talk about what they are doing. So I make things up to keep our conversations fresh.

So this year after dinner, the whole family will gather together on a rickety wooden platform and take turns diving into a shark infested barrel of water. The person who makes it out alive gets the extra piece of Thanksgiving peanut brittle. (No this is not a metaphor for what happens at the dinner table)

In reality we stay home, I cook for my immediate family which includes B,V,G and Horst. Lyd went with her family this year. After dinner we'll go to the movies to see "Rise of the Guardians". Before bed I'm going to force the kids to sit and listen to me read "The Thanksgiving Visitor" by Truman Capote. The we'll continue with "The Hobbit" if I don't fall asleep.

What do you guys do? I'd love to hear.

I am thankful for Thanksgiving
Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

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