Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I am reaching the end of NaNoWriMo with a measly 7 thousand plus words but I'm Ok with it.
I still get up in the morning to write, except lately I just go on the computer and do dumb things like stare at Facebook, although I did take advantage of Cyber Monday early that day.
The only Christmas shopping I have left is the nice kind that takes you to tiny fun stores and the mall maybe once or twice.
I also have to make a lot of shit, but that is Ok. That has a planned start date of Dec 1st.

The bees are still alive and very lively sounding when I put my ear against the side of the hive and knock.

There is a very large hawk using the tree on the corner that I can see from my window. He is there quite often. This is a good thing because I get a bit of bird watching from my window fix. I also don't feel so bad about not having a bird feeder out because that would just be easy pickings for the hawk.

I like this picture of toilet paper. The colors are very soothing.

I thought of this great thing the other day as I read a post on Facebook about running out of paper towels.

If you get really mad at your spouse, here is a fun passive aggressive thing to do to get back at them.

Clear the bathroom and surrounding areas of all paper products (kleenex, paper towels, everything) Time it for right before their routine long trip to the bathroom. Then take the kids out just as they go in. Got to take the kids out so they don't hear the cries for paper.

Play stupid when you get back and he (or she) is very upset with you for not refilling the bathroom with paper. Tell them they should have looked before they crapped.

Of course you can't even bother doing this little passive aggressive prank on the kids. My kids anyways. They would just hoist up their pants and go. Disgusting little creatures.

For the record, if I was in the same predicament, I would just jump in the shower.

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