Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Little Red Hen

I made my first pie crust today. I think it came out OK. We'll see when I actually have to roll it out and bake it tomorrow morning. But so far..

Baking season is upon me. I bake a number of different things. I only use a few cookbooks. I don't have too many as they are usually very thick and take up so much room.

I did get a new one this year called The Homemade Pantry

I use it all the time now and the woman who wrote it has a nice blog with good stuff on it too. Her names Alana Chernilla her blog is here

Every baking/Christmas season comes with the cookie fight.
My husband is a very kind generous man who loves to give people things during the holidays. Mostly things I make.

I put my foot down with the honey though.

I swore this year I wasn't going to make the cookies, I would only make enough for my family and actually enjoy the baking process and not feel stressed out. "I'm going to eat the cookies all by myself!" just like the Little Red Hen with her loaf of bread.

Sadly, since putting my foot down at throwing free honey at the masses, it looks like I will be baking again for them.

I will try to plan and stretch it out so that I don't feel rushed, but I suspect that by the end of this Holiday season I may feel like the other Little Red Hen, holding a mixing bowl and feeling like the sky is falling.

Oh well.

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