Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday Chat

Sundays can be tough sometimes. I work 16 hours the day before and I am always up at the crack of dawn to have some time to myself before everyone gets up and starts bothering me to do something for them.

It always feels like I manage to grab a moment to sit down and read the paper and someone comes in (B) and starts to give me crap about something I did or did not do. Yesterday morning was no exception.

B:I'm going to drink the rest of your water (B likes to hijack my water glass and take it for his own, just for the record)

Me: Great

B: But unlike you, I am going to refill it after I drink it.

Me: Uh-huh

B goes to the fridge and refills my water glass from the pitcher. B brandishes the pitcher at me

B: And now I'm going to refill the pitcher, which you never do.

Me: (B finally has my attention) I don't do these things on purpose so that you can do them yourself and feel like you are better than me and then you get to make your "I'm exasperated" coughing noises that you love to do. Where else would you get your over inflated sense of superiority?

B: I don't make exasperated coughing noises

Me: Yes, you do, all the time, I'll point it out to you the next time you do it. It's ridiculous. Honestly, it sounds like you're choking on a dick.

B: (Laughing) Maybe you can "blog" about this. (He makes air quotations-he likes to make fun of my writing here)

Me: I think I will.

I won't even get into what transpired later that day when B loudly announced that he needed to borrow my hand lotion.

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