Sunday, November 18, 2012


I love my father in a weird way and despise him at the same time. He can be exhausting.

At this point, my feelings really don't matter that much in the situation because love him or not, I let that man live in my house.

He lives in the basement.. It's a pretty good deal, he contributes to the household and in lieu of Christmas presents every year, he gets me a pound of coffee whenever I want it from his coffee shop.

It can be frustrating to have him around. He doesn't clean his little apartment very well and he does very silly financial things.

I won't go into too much detail except to say his Swiss Colony account is up in the thousands.
At first I was flabbergasted. How the fuck do you spend a thousand dollars on meat logs and fruitcake? It's not like his shelves are stacked with vacuumed packed sausages.

Turns out, Swiss Colony sells clothes of the non-Leiderhosen variety.
Who would have thunk?

I spent last Sunday taking back control of my basement bathroom, which is technically his, but we share the washer and dryer in there. For a long time he was using a garbage bag for a curtain. I'm sure you all have seen in an earlier post his solution to actual dusting is to drape old cloth diaper rags over everything.
In fact, I took control of my rag supply again, taking them off everything and washing them. Now I have new rags too!
And now a new bathroom. We got a new washer, so I followed my spanking new machine with a proper curtain and slapped some new shelf paper on the dusty shelves. I scrubbed all the gross pipes and we even spray painted the rusty basebord.

I think I was waiting for a long time for Horst to get off his ass and clean something. I realize now it's kind of on me to do certain things.

He's old, he was raised a certain way and he also works a ridiculous amount of hours not to mention, takes a 45 minute bus ride to get there.
So I took back the bathroom and now I clean it too. If you come over and one of the kids is stinking up the upstairs bathroom, I might just ask you if you'd like to use my other bathroom with a hint of pride in my voice.

I got up at 6:45 so I had some time to write on here and work on my other story.
Horst has the day off. He set the smoke detector off at 6:50 AM and the smell of burnt Brown and Serve sausage has permeated my house.
Happy Sunday Folks.

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