Friday, November 23, 2012


So we had pie, then some more pie and then we saw Life of Pi.

The pie crust was good but some tweaking will be done on the flavoring. It was a bit bland.

Every time I make pie, V insists on one of us pushing his face into his slice.

The movie was good. I accidently scratched V during a rather intense scene. I kept jumping, and V was on my lap. But it was a very very good movie. I'm glad that we decided to skip Rise of the Guardians for it.

As per tradition, Steve the homocidal Christmas elf was waiting for us when we returned from the movies.

Actually, this is an old picture. B's Mom sent him for the kids. They love him, but I just don't trust the look on his face. The kids laugh when I tell him he better watch his step or I'm kicking him out. Another tradition.

We're off to Worchester this morning and perhaps ice skating later on. My only Black Friday purchase may be a hairbrush for G because hers fell apart.

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