Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Because Catching up is Hard to Do

I have OCD. It is a fairly mild case. More of an obssesive thought thing that involves me worrying about whether or not I locked the doors to the car or if I closed the curtains to all of the bedroom windows because that is what will keep out those Salem's Lot vampires. I admit fully that that thought kept me up for an extra 10 minutes last night, but I fought it, the curtains stayed open in the girls room and I am very happy to report that they are not vampires this morning,although G has a large welt on the back of her neck from some sort of bite....
Ok, so this OCD is making me obssessed with little snippets that I have been wanting to share here because I think that they are worthwhile for some reason. Out pops my other demon--procrastination. So I am going to re-cap a few silly things I have wanted to tell you about, then I can move on. There.

To start. I have been married for 10 years as of October 19th. It has been a happy satisfying affair for the most part. Few bumps in the road. But that comes with the territory. I think one of the best things about being married to my husband is that I learn new things about him all the time. Take this past Sunday for instance.

I was planning dinner for the evening and I was going to make German macaroni salad. I usually make potato salad to go with it and breaded and fried pork chops. I always place a Kaopectate tablet and a defibrillator in arms reach just to be safe, but damn it's good. I asked B if he wanted potato salad. He said, "Do whatever you want to do." I decided that since it was a busy day, I was going to skip the potato salad, because that was what I wanted to do. Later on, B said, "What? No potato salad?" I replied that I did not think that he cared. Evidently "Do whatever you want to do" means, "do what I want you to do, but you need to figure out exactly what it is." So in the end it means to make the fucking potato salad I guess.

This summer, I learned that B and I share my brain. He relies on my brain to keep track of our finances, appointments for the whole family, where things are, what we need to buy anywhere, birthdays, you name it. Sometimes I think that having to remember whose socks are whose takes up so much brain space that it is beginning to interfere with basic thought processes. I'll be accidently stabbing myself in the eye with a fork while trying to stick it in my mouth before you know it.

I realized this whole brain thing while we were folding laundry. I kept having to tell B the difference between my underwear and both of my daughters. I told him that he should be more forgiving of me when I forgot something, or said something dumb because all of the brain space I had to use to know where the socks go. He recognized this and pointed out that using my brain for these menial tasks allows him to use his brain space for important things, like political polls and hockey scores.

Since my epiphany, B has become a little protective of my brain space. He got panicky after I packed a small knife in our cooler for the trip to NJ so I could cut things. He said in a very worried voice that he was worried that thinking about where to put the knife where we wouldn't forget it will make the brain tired. I don't know if he was entirely kidding, and yes he refers to my brain as "the brain".

That jerk. I already reminded him this weekend that certain things will play a role in deciding who changes his diapers later in life. Me or Barry the surly CNA with chapped hands.
(I know I posted it already on Facebook-thought it was good enough to say it again.)

Later on in our trip, he was slumped at the computer trying to get tickets for our trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He looked weary and very frustrated. I patted him gently on the shoulder and said, "Don't worry, the brain will help you" as I took the laptop out of his hands.

I'm looking at the time and have noticed that it is getting late and I have to go and work on my story. I'm participating in NaNoWriMo and I am very far behind. So I shall call my catch up posts the trilogy, This will be #1-The Brain, followed by #2-Braces and #3 Burt Reynolds-the mustached fish.

But before I go, Halloween night was a lot of fun this year. A bit sad because I knew that in other parts of the country, the lights were out and some people had lost their homes and lives. But, I was so happy to see that right before sunset, on that rather damp day, the air suddenly crisped up, and it was Halloween weather in what seemed like an instant. I was putting the Jack O Lantern's outside and I swear I felt the turn. It was Halloween magic. Thank you Great Pumpkin! Here are a few photos. I loved my pumpkins and have to show them one last time.

Barnabus Collins, The Doctor and a Dalek

I was Lizzie Borden

I was annoyed with the kids for demanding a Dalek pumpkin, but then it came out really nice


I carve a Cyclops every year in memory of my friend, Gig, who carved me my very first Cyclops pumpkin.

And the kids call this one the Vampire Platypus

And the Classic

Back again later, or tomorrow or most likely next week.

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