Friday, December 07, 2012

Brief Bee Update

The girls are looking swell.

I went in today to feed them some dry sugar and a pollen patty. Several of them flew out and charged right at me.

No stings, thankfully.

I am smart and I always wear my veil, even in winter. They are very protective of their hive right now. I also don't smoke them in the winter, I just get in and out as quickly as possible.

So that is good. Everyone looks good. I'll be checking and/or feeding bi-weekly, depending on the temperature, the weather and how paranoid I get.

I have an empty hive ready to go for the Spring. My friend just decided that she is going to build bee hives for some extra cash and something to do. She says I get her first hive that she makes for free because I let her borrow my empty hive to use as a guide.

So that's a plus. I'm thinking splitting the established hive, if they need it and buying some new bees in the Spring. Keep your fingers crossed.

I wish I had something more entertaining to write here, but I have too many things clattering around in my head like bills to pay, Christmasy things to do, and my dreaded 16 hour shift looming in a mere 17 hours. And I have to work on my story. I have been out all day and just sat down a little while ago.

I'll try to come up with something good by tomorrow morning. See you then.

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