Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dandelion Break

I have a lot of baking and wrapping and thinking to do right now. I'm also going to do some other writing.

There is a whole lot of talking going on right now, but very little is actually being said.

Nothing is going to bring those people back.

It would be nice to rise from this tragedy and be kinder to one another, reach out to your neighbor, think before you speak or write that thing on Facebook, use common sense when regulating weapons, especially ones that belong in war zones, not in peoples homes.

There are a lot of ill people out there. I personally know people who are capable of violence without remorse. I thank God they have services to help them.

I wish that I could come up with a funny story for you guys. I like that there are more of you out there reading my little blog.

It's just that life is not very funny lately.

Bear with me, I'll keep trying.

I like what Jason Alexander has to say

And this from Cracked was a good read for today

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