Thursday, December 06, 2012

The Awesome Pillow

I am so happy I found that site I mentioned yesterday. I'm very excited that I got that pillow for G. She is so amazingly easy and delightful to shop for.

I think it's because she has excellent taste. I would go so far to say that it may be even better than my own. It's good because I know that I will be the best dressed and accessorized woman in the nursing home someday, thanks to that girl.

I was so excited about the coming pillow and how much she is going to love it that I took her aside this morning and informed her that I had gotten her a very special present from me, to her, for Christmas.

I told her that she would have to open it while sitting on the toilet Christmas morning because she would love it so much, that as soon as she saw it, she would shit her pants.

I told her that we could also look into diaper options so she could unwrap it in front of the tree.

She said, "MOM! I don't wear diapers!!!"

I replied, "The toilet it is."

I can't wait for Christmas.

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