Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Cookies in A Crap Bag.

I'm done with the fucking cookies. I am done taking Horst shopping and the presents have shipped. Best part about those two tasks are when they are done.

When I finished baking at midnight, the world didn't explode. Doing alright!

On Wednesday I was welcoming the apocalypse, but this morning is ever so much brighter because I am pretty much finished. Most of the things I have left to do can be spread out over the course of the weekend. A lot of things don't even need to be done.

I have a friend at work who likes to do a lot of the same things that I do (baking, knitting, etc.) It's nice to have someone like that at work because you have something else to talk about besides the job.

She is very funny. She told me a story about how she got in trouble at her old job because she slipped an enema into the purse of the program nurse. The nurse was mortified at the prank and she got into big trouble.

I told her that she could slip an enema into my purse any time, I welcome any chance for a laugh. Especially anything that involves potty humor.

Every year we bake cookies and exchange them. Our baking styles are different. Her cookies are delivered in a nice little tin, nestled in little cupcake papers. The cookies themselves look great. She made sparkly ones, and chocolate drizzled ones. They really look amazing.

I was talking to her about this as we drove back to work from LaSallette Wednesday night, our different cookie types, our presentation, etc.

My cookie style is this. I bake very simple types of cookies with minimal decoration. They are put in a clear plastic bread bag and tied with a twist tie. I told my friend that my cookies speak for themselves and don't need fancy packaging.

I then told her that I use those same bags to pick up dog shit as well.

Call it extreme holiday minimalism. Call it laziness and being cheap. It's Ok.

Think of it! You can eat the cookies and then pick up your dog's crap! You could really get into the spirit and pick up after someone else's dog!

If you are one of the lucky recipients of my Christmas cookies in a crap bag, enjoy! The bags are perfectly clean!


Happy Yule!

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