Saturday, December 08, 2012

Out of Whack

My whole system has been out of whack lately and I realized why yesterday.

For about 2 months, probably less, I was getting up at 6-6:15 every morning to write alone and drink coffee. It quickly became my favorite time of day.

I would go to bed excited because when I woke up it would be my favorite time of day.

And then a few weeks ago, the seasons really started to change. I found myself unable to get out of bed and hitting the snooze button until 7, which gave me a mere 15 minutes to have coffee and go online to stare stupidly at Facebook or various blogs etc.etc.

For writing time, I would make up for it later in the morning after the kids were in school, but if I had a busy day and lots of things to do, I wouldn't get as much time and that would frustrate the hell out of me.

I made a very conscious effort last night to get in bed before midnight and drag my ass out of bed at 6.

And here I am 6:21, writing and drinking coffee. Yay me!

Of course at 11 tonight when I am slumped on a couch at work, fighting desperately not to fall asleep, I will most likely curse myself for getting up so early.

Right now, I am patting myself on the back.

I am realizing that with writing on this blog every day, that there are going to be stretches where I am not going to have anything really exciting or funny to impart. It's been a two day stretch of just basic hum-drum.

So I guess I'm asking to just bear with me, I'll think of something good.

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