Sunday, December 16, 2012

Saturday on Sunday

V had his first reconciliation yesterday. That went well, although at one point I got a little anxious while he was in the confessional. I leaned over and whispered to B, "Jesus Christ! What's taking him so long in there!"

The priest didn't call out for special reinforcements and afterwards there were cookies. All in all it wasn't so bad.

I only had 4 hours off on Saturday afternoon so after that we planned on getting our tree because the weather is supposed to be rainy on Sunday. We stopped at home to change before going to the tree place.

Sadly, V found his fish, Mustachio aka. Burt Reynolds aka. Snowy aka. Sweaty, floating belly up.

We had a quick funeral. Burial in the ground, not at sea, aka. toilet. V was pretty sad. I promised him a Beta fish after Christmas. He wants a hedgehog. Nice try.

We got our tree, the perfect fit. Six feet and narrow, as planned. "Just like my men!" I exclaimed gleefully as we got out of our car at the tree lot. B just gave me a look.

I returned to work at 4 and received a call that I had to break the news to one of my clients that their father had passed away.

"At least I'm still living!" my client said brightly after I told them. I was also reminded not to die by the same person when I announced that I was going to work in the office.

That person is sad, but processing it in their own, matter of fact way. I do like my clients.

On another front-
Westboro Baptist Church? Picketing the Sandy Hook school? Surprise. Surprise. Those people are like a weeping herpes zoster on the "you know what" of America. They are the 1 problem with freedom of speech. (I'm sure there are more cases of people who take advantage of the freedom of speech amendment to say and do really stupid shit, but cut me some slack-It's 7:30 in the morning.)

Have I written before about my idea for those fuckwads? I may have posted it on Facebook. It's Ok, I'll repeat myself, I think that the more I write here, the more that will happen.

Someone needs to keep track of the members-whenever one of them passes, someone should gather up a big crowd that includes drag queens-you need the drag queens, of course.

Have a big party outside the funeral. Be sure to blast, "Another One Bites The Dust".

I know that it's just doing the same thing they're doing and two rights don't make a wrong, but I'd go.

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