Saturday, May 19, 2012

Of Large Marge and Organ Donation

This is hands down, my favorite movie scene of all time. Sometimes when my kids are misbehaving, I will start to reenact this scene. All I have to do is say the first two lines and the kids will usually scream and run away. It's fun.

I wish that in times of extreme stress I could make my face contort like hers in the end. If I could choose a superhero power, it would be to just make my face do that. I would live my life serene as a buddha. There is also the added bonus of scaring away muggers and robbers (or just getting shot). I could make small children cry whenever I felt like it. A girl can dream.

And a public service announcement.
There is a book called "The Undead" by Dick Teresi. I read the review in The Times book review. He talks about the possibility and probability that brain dead people could feel pain. When surgeons harvest organs they don't usually use anesthesia unless the family requests. Being an organ donor, this scared the living shit out of me.

I mentioned this to my husband. I asked him to make absolute sure that the surgeons use anesthesia on me before they cut me open. This may be a good conversation to have with your family if you're an organ donor.

And something sentimental.

Gretel is performing this weekend with her Ballet theatre. I dropped her off for rehearsal yesterday morning at the theatre. As we walked in, several older girls exclaimed, "Gretchen! we're glad you're here!" After I kissed her goodbye, I heard another girl complementing her outfit. Gretchen being only 8 must have been on cloud nine.
There is a nice camraderie among those girls and it was so nice to see Gretel be a real part of something that I always felt I didn't really have as a kid.

It felt really good to see her happy like that. I also hoped that my own mother got to have a moment like that sometime during my or my brother's childhood because it's a really awesome feeling.

Busy weekend of work,baking,gardening and ballet I guess.

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