Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh, That Boy

I was going to write this long winded post about torturing my children yesterday as we drove to the movie theater to see "Dark Shadows". I had bought some songs from the Xanadu soundtrack and played the music at top volume, singing loudly and dancing expressively while driving. I figured that since I had to blow all that money on tickets and popcorn, I might as well make the kids work for it by enduring a 15 minute ride with me, Olivia and the Electric Light Orchestra.

While straightening the house before writing, I found some of Von's school work that I decided to share instead. Here it is with a translation to follow:

It says:
"Last night I was watching Lego explosive diarrhea and I slapped my head on the table"

I need to ask him what the hell "Lego explosive diarrhea" is.

I don't think that his teacher realized what he actually wrote. If you look at the upper left corner-he got a good job sticker.
Actually, his teacher probably did read it, she is just the type to not get angry at a child writing about explosive diarrhea because hey, it's just diarrhea.
I love her.

I think that I will laugh about this paper forever. It's a keeper.

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